Masturbation in Marriage

Masturbation in marriage happens all the time.

One spouse is usually hiding it…

and the other spouse is either naïve and oblivious, or ticked off and hurt.

Doesn’t seem like the best scenario, does it?

As Christians bombarded by the message DON’T DO IT, or just COMPLETE SILENCE, it is easy to feel like all masturbation is bad – even in marriage.  However, for some couples, masturbation within marriage can fit into God’s design for sex. Masturbation can make the two into “One” or helping them “know” each other better. This has been one of the huge areas of growth in my marriage. In Awaken-Love classes, I find it to be a topic that can be both surprising and liberating for Christian women.

Certainly, we need to be careful with masturbation because it can and does get out of hand. We don’t want it to create separation in marriage. But what can be powerfully bad, can also be powerfully good within God’s plan. Based on our own baggage or struggles, we must discern with our spouse what God wants for us. Sometimes that is a couple enjoying a freedom they never knew existed. Other times it is giving just one spouse permission for the sake of the other. Sometimes it requires taking masturbation off the table to protect the marriage. Whatever your situation, God will provide the answer as you discern together what is best for your marriage at this point in time.

The Bible does not specifically address masturbation but I wrote about the biblical principles that impact it.

1 Corinthians 6:12
“Everything is permissible for me”—but not everything is beneficial.

Masturbation in marriage should not just be OK…

  It should be GOOD.

Masturbation in marriage should create intimacy

If masturbation is going to create intimacy between husband and wife, then we must talk about it. Ask yourself the simple question, “Is it hidden?” Secrets don’t create intimacy in marriage. Talking about masturbation is even harder than talking about sex. But it can also be an incredibly intimate conversation. Even though masturbation is not necessarily a sin, keeping something from a spouse creates division and hurt. Conversations need to start with a humble heart that takes responsibility. We need to make things right through full disclosure, respect, and love. Disclosure needs to be received with grace and mercy, and humility.

If one spouse is not comfortable with masturbation, they should not be coerced or made to feel guilty for their reservations. Their opinion should be heard with a tender heart and respected. Openness, communication, and prayer are essential in discerning what is good and right for your marriage bed.


Talking About Masturbation

The first time I had a conversation with my husband about masturbation was after over 20 years of marriage. I was researching about sex, and asked my husband whether he had ever masturbated. I have to confess, I was pretty naive and a little shocked when he admitted he had. Jim went on to explain that there were times when I was either unavailable, or dead tired from raising 4 babies. He didn’t want to make me feel guilty by asking for sex. He knew that if he took things into his own hands, he would be kinder and less irritable. So he just took care of it.

I felt a little hurt that he had kept this secret. But honestly, if he had told me back then, I don’t know how well I would have handled it. Looking back, I wish he had talked to me, but I also wish I had been more sensitive to his desires and understood how important it was for us to connect.  So I extended grace to him for not sharing, and to myself for not knowing his desires, or making it safe to share. And we start fresh, striving to be honest and open and grace filled.

I cannot stress this enough –  communicating about masturbation is essential. Every time – before, during or after – we should share what we were thinking about or what we learned about our bodies. Communicating every time is also a safeguard. If you feel embarrassed to tell your spouse that you took things into your own hands again, then maybe masturbation is gaining control over you.

So let’s dive into a bunch of examples where masturbation, might or might not, create intimacy in marriage.

Figuring Things Out

Sometimes a wife has a hard time figuring out how to have an orgasm with her husband. The longer they try, the more pressure she feels, and the less likely she is to get there. A loving husband can gracefully encourage his wife to spend time discovering how her body works. When she figures it out, she can show him, and teach him and they can enjoy it together.

They talk about it, they eventually share it, and ultimately it creates intimacy.

Or maybe she knows how to have an orgasm, but asks to do some private research. She wants to get in touch with her g-spot, or become more responsive in a different position. The simplicity of instant feedback combined with no pressure creates an environment to learn new things. She then shows her husband what she has learned, and they enjoy it together.

They talk about it, and eventually share it together and it creates intimacy. But as she gains confidence, she may need to ask herself, “Is it time to trust my husband enough to include him in the discovery of new things for my body?” Could she allow him to watch as she did some research on her own body? Could she guide him with her words or hands as together they went after new discoveries?

Or maybe a wife has a hard finishing during intercourse and ends up frustrated and filled with tension. In order to protect her husband from feeling bad, she quietly takes care of things while he sleeps.

Even though the wife has good intentions of sparing her husband’s ego or saving him the trouble, they are missing out on getting to really know each other. This is one of those incredibly hard conversations, but working thru the hard things in sex creates intimacy. Could she ask her husband to finish her with his hands or mouth? Could she ask him to stimulate other parts of her body while she uses her hands on her clitoris and they share the experience?

Permission During Challenging Periods

Some women to share that as a loving gesture to their husband during dry spells, they gave him permission to take care of things. It might be after the birth of a child, when a wife is dead tired, or when she is unavailable because of health challenges. But I have also had women share that what started as a loving gesture became free reins for him to take care of things and it led to resentment and separation. The wife had no idea how often it was happening, how it was happening, or what he was thinking about while masturbating – and the husband gradually just stopped reaching for her. Because they weren’t talking, it did not create intimacy, and eventually the wife realized the huge disconnect because they weren’t having sex.

I think permission can be a loving thing, but we need to be really careful. We must reserve it for those occasions when we are truly unable, and we must share the experience at least with our words. Would it be better to make ourselves available with our hands, mouth or eyes and share the experience? Are we really unable, or are we just putting other things first? Is it possible that we are not relying on God to help get our bodies on board when we are tired? Does a husband need to stretch himself in how he loves his wife by using lots of non-physical touch and acts of service and wait until she is available?

Long Distance Separation

In today’s world it is not unusual for husband and wife to be separated for extended periods due to work or military deployment. Honestly, I think there are multiple positive directions to go with this….

  1. Make a conscious decision during this time of separation to focus on your relationship with God and completely abstain. Love each other with your words, rely on God when you are feeling empty and lonely, and share this experience with your spouse.
  2. Abstain from any genital contact but create anticipation for your reunion by flirting it up during phone conversations, skype and by sending notes. Create tension and excitement that will make sex really sizzle when you reunite.
  3. Take advantage of technology to have sex in ways that you might not otherwise – sexting, phone sex, skype sex…things that people shouldn’t enjoy outside of marriage but that we ought to take advantage of. You will tap into forms of eroticism that you might not otherwise – like using your words to describe what is going on, or what you wish was going on, or visually devouring each other when you can’t touch skin to skin.
  4. Give each other permission to masturbate with the agreement that the other will get a full report afterwards. When you reunite, or later over the phone, share a vivid description of what happened as you stimulated yourself. Telling your spouse about what you imagined will bring it to life and create a shared experience.

I have to be honest, I did not handle separation from my husband well in the past. I would freeze him out and become the ice queen – and I missed out on many opportunities to create intimacy that were different from our everyday life. Talk about how you will stay connected during times of separation, and enjoy a new way of knowing your spouse.

Masturbation can create intimacy in marriage but it can also create incredible division.

Because of messages people have heard, the way that it controls some people, and the use of porn or erotica to lust, many people carry incredible baggage around masturbation. I believe in a God that can heal all of that, but I also believe that we must be incredibly cautious when considering anything having to do with our sexuality. Whatever we do, we must decide as husband and wife and God together. There must always be openness, respect, and prayer – and when there is, God blesses us with peace and with freedom.

I have shared just a few examples of when masturbation in marriage might create intimacy or division. Would you be willing to share more, and how you discerned what was best for your marriage, so that you might help others?

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  1. I think that going solo is helping me grow in intimacy with my wife for the following reasons.

    First, I am learning how God created me sexually by going solo. It takes me a lot of time and practice to discover how my body responds to certain stimuli. I have read about edging and that it takes about 30 minutes practice a day for about a month to learn how to edge and last longer. I am also learning how to separate orgasm from ejaculation by practicing control over my sexual responses. I have now shown my wife how the separation works, and she can give me, what she calls, multi orgasms.

    Secondly, my wife does not like toys. I gave her a vibrating egg for our anniversary, and she will not even try it out. I like vibrators, penis rings, and anal stimulation. These toys give me incredible orgasm that I cannot get any other way. I do plan on telling my wife when I get the right opportunity, and when I have learned enough to share how she can help me. We are taking a trip in a month and I want to bring some sex toys along and try them out in the hotel if I can convince her. (Turn our vacation into a sexcation.)

    Thirdly, my wife and I are not on the same page as far as frequency and time of day. I like twice in the morning, she does not like mornings much. I like to spend time in the morning learning about my sexual responses. We have sexual play together in the afternoon and evening and I use what I learned with her then.

    I want to discuss more of these things with my wife, but I don’t know how. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could go about sharing this with my wife without hurting her feelings?

    • Mike,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on masturbation in your marriage. It sounds like you have learned a lot about how your body works physically. I would challenge you that great sex is just as much about connection – spiritual, emotional and physical – and this might be an area for you and your wife to focus on together.
      You asked about sharing with your wife…Based on the information you included, I would expect she might feel hurt to find out about your private exploration. If you truly want to create an intimate marriage, then that means full disclosure, and agreeing together what both of you are comfortable with. I might say something like….
      “I love you and I want us to have a marriage that is completely intimate. I want to be totally honest with you and I don’t want to have any secrets between us. I have not been totally open and for that I am sorry. I have been doing some self discovery to figure out how my body works, but I don’t want to do it anymore, unless you are ok with it. The reasons I have been doing it are ______________________. Can we talk about this, and when you are ready, pray about this to see if it is good and right for us.”

      It is a huge step, but if you want true intimacy with your wife, than that means being fully known and it also means loving her selflessly. You must put her desires ahead of your own.
      May God bless you and your marriage.

  2. Thanks Ruth for this post. I think you handled the topic quite well.

    In many marriages where masturbation for the husband has become a problem, it can be because of the lack of availability of his wife. What I mean is that some Christian wives do not understand or fully appreciate the very real physical need for sexual release her husband has. Wives need to be sexually available for their husbands. They must not be gatekeepers or refusers when it comes to having sex with their husband.

    That said, I quite agree that communication between the spouses is crucially important in this area. Both wives and husbands, if they can overcome their inhibitions in discussing their sexual needs and desires openly, can achieve a deeper and more fulfilling sexual intimacy with their spouse. As well, a wive can and should learn more about her body so that she can tell her husband what helps her to enjoy their lovemaking more fully. Similarly, a husband can talk to his wife about what he likes and needs more of in their lovemaking.

    • Larry,
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your compassion for husbands that have wives that are not in the same place but I also think we all need to take responsibility for our own actions. Many time struggles with masturbation starts before marriage. Whether a husband has a wife that is a refuser or gate keeper, he still needs to strive to love her to the best of his ability. For these husbands, it is probably even more important that he keep his eyes and mind pure. It will help him to see his wife as an entire person, rather than just the place for his sexual desires. He should also stretch himself in how he gives and receives love – non sexual touch, talking, laughing, serving – it may make a world of difference to his wife.
      This notion that women need to have sex so that their husband does not stray, watch porn or masturbate is wrong. We are all responsible for our own actions. Women hearing this just feel used and that sex is just for their husband. I don’t think that is what a husband wants – a wife just making herself available. We need to educate wives about why a great sex life is important to them too, and help them discover what is holding them back. We need to help women become whole.

  3. Ruth, excellent perspective and wisdom on marriage masturbation. As soul and sole mates for over 45 years, we have incorporated masturbation into our marriage bed in an intimate, bonding way. At our age, the spirit is often willing but the flesh is not always ready and able. Mutual masturbation, where we ease into foreplay, enjoy the sight and sounds of each other, provides each of us a relaxing and highly stimulating way to ramp up in sync and then give ourselves to each other. Achieving an O for both of us is the norm because of our incorporation of mutual mastubation. My dear wife also invites me to masturbate in her presence with her participation in order to keep me on a 2 to 3 times weekly prostate massage and ejaculation – very beneficial and per my urologist’s advice. We also celebrate and encourage each other to solo masturbate whenever we are not together for a time. We are very open about our solo enjoyment and share about it. Our masturbation imagery is always about each other.

    • Amen to older lover. Thanks for sharing and using masturbation to enhance the intimacy with your wife -that is pretty awesome! It sounds like you are staying healthy.

  4. Hello Ruth! Wow I love your writings and how you articulate your knowledge. I have learned so much reading your blogs and hope to share this and your book with my spouse. Now on the topic at hand…(no pun intended)
    My wife and I can relate to your teachings almost to a T! When we first were married I went solo quite frequently without my wife’s knowledge. Keep in mind I do have a very beautiful wife and she is the one who turns me on and she is whom I think about. She would see me doing it once in a while and say what are you doing and to stop. Well I stopped right then but after she had left I would find the time. It wasn’t until about seven years when we were discussing it and I told her how good it felt and how I enjoyed it and i would still be doing this regardless. She said hmmm and was surprised and kind of had the same reaction you had and asked me to do it in front of her. She was turned on by it and now asks me to do it in front of her. This has in no way replaced sex but has only enlightened it immensely. She is aware of my activity and I tell her I was thinking of her that day and she knows what I am referring to. We both do this mutually many times together and it is such a turn on especially watching her use her toy and me using it on her sometimes. Another great thing is that I have read how masturbation is good for your health.
    I couldn’t agree more about this quote you have above in your blog…
    Masturbation in marriage should not just be OK…
    It should be GOOD.
    Masturbation in marriage should create intimacy. AMEN! God Bless You and your readers. I wish YOU would have been the one who counseled us before we got married 20+ years ago!

  5. Wow Ruth, you write about a delicate yet personal topic and you discuss it so well. You are absolutely right masturbation does have a place in marriage my spouse and i have incorporated this into our love making. Thank you so much for an enlightening blog.

    • I think that a husband should be sensitive to what his wife enjoys. If she is more squemish he could use a small towel or rag, or come on himself. If she enjoys it, he could finish on her body.

  6. Ruth, you couldnt be so right and humbling on this subject. This has something that society as a whole views as taboo but it is only natural. It is such a great experience to share with my spouse that we both encourage each other along the way and become intimate this way. We know GOD designed our bodies for our spouses and this is one activity we find uplifting in our marriage. Also as mentioned above – we also celebrate Masturbation Month in May with each other…and we thought we were the only ones who did! Hopefully your blog will only encourage other Christian married couples to grow in intimacy and make for stronger and healthier marriages!

    • Celebrating Masturation Month in May with our spouse? Really? I think that is an awesome idea! Celebrate our bodies with our spouse, the freedom GOD gave us and connecting with our spouse! I can see there could be many different ways to celebrate! How do we get the word out?

  7. Ruth, my husband and I enjoy encorporating the use of various toys in our marriage. As Christians in the back of my mind I always wondered what the perception of masturbation was and the use of toys and reading other Christian base articles about the taboo use of sex toys. After reading your blog I am so much more at ease and comfortable with them. My husband and I both have open communication about we are fantasizing about each other and it only drives the passion that much more for each other. It absolutely creates an added intimacy to our marriage and knowing the freedom we have in or marriages that GOD blessed us with. Masturbation in our marriage is not only OK it is great! It actually keeps us feeling and looking young! Great posting!

  8. Ruth, I read on other very credible and very well known Christian websites and literature who discourage the use of toys and masturbation…what is your thought on that? Even when keeping things purely within the marriage bed. Enjoy for blog.

    • I do not find biblical basis to say that God prohibits toys or masturbation in marriage. Though I don’t believe that God prohibits them, I also don’t think they are beneficial for all marriages or situations. My goal is to educate and empower couples to discern with God what is beneficial for their marriage. I think the focus must always be creating intimacy and not how to have the biggest orgasm.

  9. Ruth, when you mention in a blog above how one spouse should not masturbate if the other spouse is not ok with it… I feel as long as you tell your spouse and as you say are open and honest and full disclosure, then that should be that. I hid this from my spouse for several years, but while I sometimes would do it in her presence she would tell me to stop and aak what was I doing… Then eventually I told her this is something I do and what most men, if not all men do. I told her I was going to be doing this throughout our marriage regrdless. And in a nice way I told her I could do it in her presence or not in her presence. Then she asked me to do it in front of her and she was actually excited I did it. She was not angry or upset when I told her just a bit surprised. This is something now we do together and away from each other from time to time. We actually encourage each other and no way minimizes our intimacy just enhances it. If one spouse was not ok with it I think it would be a pretty unrealistic and naive expectation to not believe that neither spouse would ever do this while they were married. And if the one was not ok with it that is where the secrecy and division comes in.

    • Thanks for sharing. I agree that sometimes we would rather be naive than to actually have a conversation about masturbation.

  10. Yes, so if one spouse was not ok with it I think it is not something the other spouse could realistically never do while they were married…so we couldn’t really say to them if you are not ok with it I wont do it. I think that puts the spouse who would masturbate in a situation where then they would be hiding it instead of just saying jump on board with me or I will be riding alone. I think this is a moral mindet too for one or the other who chooses not to engage in masturbation until they realize otherwise.

  11. My wife takes medication that causes her not to have any libido, so I masturbate. She is fine with me doing this. I only think of her when I do this alone. I do it in front of her at other times. Thank you so much for this information.

  12. Just an encouragment and a reminder to all out there that the month of MAY is the month to celebrate and enjoy Masturbation with your spouse…We always have a countdown at midnight leading up to MAY 1 then try to among ourselves to average between us at least once per day during MAY. Pretty awesome tradition to start with your spouse.

  13. Hello Ruth, great posting and blog…1st time commenter. I am an active member of our church in the Pacific Northwest and two years into marriage this is something a bit uneasy for me to do. My husband and I have discussed me using a toy which is way out of my comfort zone for several reasons. I think they are something prostitutes and porn use. Plus artificial means is not my husband. And just having to shop for one I don’t want to visit any unholy sites or ever go into an adult store. Plus don’t know if they are glorifying to GOD. My husband has pleasured himself in front of me and it is quite the turn on but I want it to be mutual. Also, can my husband hurt himself when he is about to ejaculate and he pinches off the front of his penis so he won’t make a mess?That does concern me. I am starting to get a bit more comfortable with the idea with my husband after reading your blog… Long posting I will end. Thank you.

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