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Our desire is that Awaken-Love is a ministry that changes lives and marriages. Our goal is to spend our time doing ministry – teaching Awaken-Love classes, equipping more teachers and facilitators, and developing additional Bible based curriculum – rather than administration and accounting. We operate as a ministry that reinvests whatever money is donated to make Awaken-Love classes available to more and more people across the nation and the globe as God leads.

Donated funds are used to cover expenses related to providing the Video Classes and making them available to more women. Funds may also be used to purchase technology needed to equip teachers and facilitators via long distance learning, to create training videos and resources, to upgrade our website to offer more resources to class participants, and to equip ourselves through learning opportunities.

You can donate online via Paypal. Donated funds are not currently tax deductible, but are always appreciated and prayerfully allocated.  Thank you for partnering with us to strengthen marriages.

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